Sunday, August 15, 2010

so i guess this is my blog. i've always wanted to have one, i feel as if it's kind of like a diary. somewhere i can share my thoughts. already, however, i screwed it up. The page is supposed to be "The Anxious Apple Core" but instead, this little freaking period got in my way. And it's now "The Anxious Apple. (<notice the dot, NOTICE IT.) Core. Epic Fail.

Anyway, so why is it called thee AAC (hense cool acronym, nice) Because number one - I am an anxious being. My every move is fueled by anxiety of some sort. I'm 19 with an anxiety disorder. Plus an emotion woman, great mix.  I'm thinking this is a place where i can vent. I hope at least 2 people follow this, if you can even follow blogs. I hope i post daily, it's good to get your feelings out daily. so tune in. i don't know why i said tune in. no one is even follow me right now. it's pretty much me talking to myself like a crazy person, oh well. okay, cut it jay.

Ps. my name is jamie, so i refer to myself as jay often. okay more talking to myself craziness ahh. peace.


  1. First , post ... gives a really good description of your self. So I hope I'm your first person to follow.

  2. Great introduction. Sounds like this might be pretty interesting.
    By the way, you can easily change the title if you want to. Just go to 'design' and click 'edit' on the header section. (I'm not sure if you want to, maybe I misinterpreted?)

  3. Hey! I'm Syd and I noticed one of your post on and decided to take a look at your blog. <3 the title. I'm very similar to you because I'm 19, deal with anxiety (well social anxiety), and also have a wordpress blog to get out my feelings (TheMeese.Net).