Saturday, September 11, 2010

listen hurr

i just have one words, ladies and gentlemen. One word - lame. I feel lame right now.  I'm sorry for the lack of confidence lately, but hey this is my diary so LIKE IT OR NOT. lol just kidding :) but seriously i'm a lame-o.

Cause tonight I was supposed to visit my friend at her college but I wasn't allowed to drive because my parents have this like freaking circumference around me that I cannot travel 15 minutes out of. ridic, i know.  I texted my dad whose in texas asking him, and he texted me this long message about me being vicarious? and how i have to be a more responsible young woman. what in the world. how am i supposed to be responsible if i dont have the chance to prove to you.

i feel really sick. i'll explain about the uber lameness tomorrow. seriously its like a wave of neasuae. okay someone tell me how to spell naw-shus. you know like being queezy. and i think i have a migraine. oh, life.

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