Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Jamie Day

so today's my birthday, and also labor day. so everyone's celebrating already, so it diminishes the effects of my birthday.  i can't imagine what it would be like to be born on christmas, to be completely over shadowed. but it's not that i'm complaining. i'm glad that all of my family and relatives were off work today so they could celebrate with me.

it was an alright birthday. not the best, and certainly not the worst. just an average birthday.  i received some money and a victoria secret gift card ;) oh lala. i need to buy some sexy things. i need to feel more sexy, and now that im 20, time to buy some more daring things. i haven't gotten any in a good while, i'm hoping this will change soon. actually, this weekend i hope.

I was planning on getting some last night, too. we were supposed to go out in the bush for my birthday. and incase you don't know what the 'bush' is, its a party in the woods. we have a campfire and everyone gets trashed. some people fly high too, but that's not my thing. i don't know, i tried it before, didn't get much out of it. i feel like it zaps your brain, making you completely zone out. i had guy friends who quit because they said there short term memory started to burn out. that's another thing, i think people that smoke pot also LOOK burn out, and eww. Sorry if you smoke ;). Okay sexual encounters and pot, lets move on lol i'm getting a little too ahead of myself.

Anyway, so about 150 people wished me a happy birthday so far on facebook. some of them mean it, some just to be polite, some to be noticed, and some for show.  but at the end of the day, it's the people who go out of their way for you. My friend baked a ckae for me last night, even though it wasn't done in the middle. it really touched me, it doesn't take much for me to appreciate things. but my other like hardcore best firend wasn't even there at midnight. she was off with her new beau who is definitely burnt out, a nice kid but is into the hard stuff. but chicks before dicks, and that one hurt. i didn't even get a cxall or a text until i got a message at 1030 this morning. i'm thinking someone forgot. and that pissed me off.

Everyone of my other friends stayed at college this weekend or went back early this morning. i saw my best firend/cousin today whos a year younger than me, and that felt good, i love her. i just felt like no one else cared. i mean my guy friends - well boys will be boys - they all said happy bday but still there guys what are they gonna do, buy me a vickis gift card? haha no. there cool though. but my girls i was just disapointed in, maybe i sound like a bitch and am overreacting but im in one of those moods.  and also mother nature dropped her present off a WEEK EARLY. so im over emotional and feeling quite depressed. i might go out with the boys in a little, but right now im on a rant.

and sorry i haven't written, but thank you to those 2 new subscribers <3 lvoe yous :)
this post was a lil down, but thats how i feel. but okay it's me here, i'm gonna try and be positive lol. i always try to look at the positve, it automatically lifts your spirits even if it's just a little. so everyone - try it with me. take 10 seconds and think of something positive. and we will leave it at that. OH WAIT.. the positive thought has to be about tonight or tomorrow.

My positive thing is that tomorrow i have music and get to see my friends on the wall. and tomorrow i'm going to try and be more outgoing. *try* lets hope so lol. Share your positivity.

Thanks for reading. love you all  <3 any advice is welcome with open arms lol.

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  1. Aww, happy birthday! I'm sorry that your best friend seemed to have forgot your birthday :/ that's a bit sucky, but your other friend baking you a cake is really sweet! I wish someone would bake me a cake, haha.

    Hope you're feeling better soon though. Damn mother nature and it's always worse when it's early!