Saturday, November 27, 2010

So Raise Your Glass!

Hola Chickas. I say that because I think I only have girl followers. Today is going to be a short little bloggy for numerous reasons.  The first being i am terribly hung over (shot for shot of bankers is never a good idea) and secondly because I have to pack and run to the store because I'm going to Florida :) (woohoo).  I live in rural PA so I cannot WAITTT to get out of this cold weather.  It snowed yesterday for thanksgiving, freaking snowed.  So it'll be a nice little get away.

So my question of the day for you ladies is what is the worst drunken experience you've ever had?  Mine would have to be when I was at the beach last summer with all of my girl friends and I thought it was a good idea to bong a 4 Loko (also never a good idea).  Needless to say, I blacked out shortly after and the only flicker of memory is that I was making out with this boy (bad idea again, i'm seeing a pattern here) who I'd just met and I started calling him 'Big Boy'.  I have to shudder at that, so embarrassing.  My girlfriends still call me big boy to this day.  And later on that night I threw up for what felt like hours and hours.  I was still drunk the next day, but on the plus side I did collect alot of pretty sea shells because we ended up going at like 6 in the am to the beach.  I will never bong a drink again. 

Oh wait I lied I did bong a drink this other time.  Me and my best friend were at her college bonging some more, and later that night I remember being in her dorm shower with this huge man and her yelling 'JAMIE TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF'. Dear goodness. Okay enough of embarassing stories from me, so what are yours? I'm sorry if you don't drink. (Can I even mention drinking on this blog?) And if you don't, your question could be what are your thoughts on drinking, why don't you do it?

So yes i should be going, I have my shower running and its fogging up this bathroom and my screen.  Peace out, A town down.  I'll update soon if I find an app for my iphone that let's me.

ALSO WAIT DON'T GO!  I'm terrified of flying on a plane, can anyone give me some tips for flying and not being nervous? Seriously it's like panic attack after panic attack, HELP haha.

Love yousss - Jamerz.

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  1. I loveee flying. I was so scared the first time, but it actually turned out to be a really serene experience. Good luck though! And have fun in Florida!