Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happiness is a Choice.

Reading through other people's blogs is something I normally take part in.  I have noticed a few things.  Basically, for ladies, we are all the same.  In the big picture I mean.  We are all trying to find our way, whether it be through a journey or a climb, we all write about us going through challenges.  Then end goal is trying to figure ourselves and this life we live in now out.

But that's probably something you all basically knew.  "Duh Jamie, what do you think the purpose of a blog is?!"  I'm sorry followers, don't be hatin' mayyne.  Haha it's just comforting to know that were all confused.  It makes me feel better at least, so thank you!  It also motivates me too, because I see all of you are trying to actually DO something about your confusion.  I want to, but lately I've just been...

TIRED. So tired.  Not like physically, just emotionally. Along with my anxiety disorder comes the depression, and I think I'm in a valley at the moment (peaks and valleys aka - highs and lows).  I just have no motivation, and just this numbing pain.  I just want to lay around.  But I know I have to get off my lazy ass and just change my life.  Cause it's not like anyone's going to do it for me.  I have to take charge (I like to attempt to motivate myself).  And it pisses me off that I just sit here sulking.  I don't want life to pass me by. 

Its almost as if my inside doesn't want to be happy.  Do you know what I mean? I guess sometimes we become so comfortable with this uneasiness, this feeling of discomfort that were afraid to see anything else.  Comfort is a big part of human life, and we will do almost everything to avoid discomfort.

But ANYWAY, enough blabbering Jamie.  Yes so I was just in <brDisney/> World :).  It was all decorated for Christmas, ironic because the weather was 80.  I saw Isabella Rosselini, even though before that I didn't even know who she was.  But I truly love Disney world, I'm such a kid at heart. Would anyone like to see pictures? I take a bunch with my phone, I probably took like a gazillion. I'm thinking of doing the college work program down there, I need a change.

This is probably an uneventful post.  Maybe because I'm still drugged up from the flight (I am terrified of flying, so I take sleeping pills haha)  And ever since then I've been in this shitty mood.  But thank you blog for letting me get my emotions out to you. It's greatly appreciated.

Question of the Day Time - Are you TIRED? Why and how. What's shaking in your life? I can help. I'm a psychologist in the making.

Talk to you tomorrow. Peace Bye. Sweet Dreams.


  1. I am exhausted. I'm not sure that there is anything you can do about it though. Haha. I just have band every day, plus a shit ton of homework. It's kind of a push it till the end so that I can relax type of deal.

  2. Post the Disney pics! I was there the week after Christmas last year and it was beautiful, all the decorations and such. One of my former roommates is doing the college program right now and she loves it. To answer your question, YES, I am tired! School and work and everything else has run me down. I need winter break SO badly.

    Thanks for commenting and following by the way! :)