Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Can't Describe I've Got, Hungry Eyes.

Flirting eyes, but they're just a disguise. For me they roam, but you've got someone at home.

Men. Why do they have to be such, ugh, MEN?!

Let me explain. So, earlier this week in class, I came across a familiar face. Last year, we both had positive psychology together, but we never talked. But on Monday, right after class, he gave me his number and we started talking. First, let me tell you, he is so sexy. Medium height, muscular, but not too muscular. Great hair, beautiful face, and he's in a freaking band. A band! How could I resist, right? Oh wait, it get's better, he sings and plays guitar. And he seems really down to earth.

As I was saying, we started talking. He asked me pretty much what my favorite everything was, and it was kind of like a 20 questions thing we had going on. In between we'd exchange flirty messages and him telling me he wants to hang out and such. So we're at the point where he was like, "you'll have to teach me the little you know on the piano" and I responded with, "only if you teach me to play the guitar" and he came back with "oh, i'll teach you things ;)"

So what do you make of that? Obviously some sexual innuendos flowing right there. I told him, "Oh really, I'd like that. But behave yourself, rockstar :)" So we continue bantering, and then sometime later he asks if I had a boyfriend. I said no, that I'm single, and how about him. He goes, yeah, I have a girlfriend, we're on and off all the time. I asked some questions about her, and he answered. But then he goes right back to the playful banter. I kind of was more less playful after that, wouldn't you be?

Don't you think it's kind of weird that he kind of just ignored the whole girlfriend thing? Like it's completely normal to be flirting with a girl while you have someone else?

He's hot, but I'd never want to be the 'off-time' fling. I never want to be 'that girl'. Maybe I'm rushing things, but I wasn't just getting a 'pal' vibe. But seriously, come on. I wouldn't want my boyfriend to be going around talking and asking to hang out with other girls. It just came as a little surprise. Boys are dicks, but not all. So I was already prepared, but hopeful.

And it's only been 3 days, and I have to spend the whole semester with him now. I'd rather just limit it to friends now. No flirting, just pals. But he is so sexy, but I can hold myself back lol.

But bloggies, what do you think of this whole situation? Think he's just looking for a fling on the side? And tell me, Has a boy with a girlfriend ever come on to you? What did you do?

If so, the foundation of the 'fantasy relationship' you will embark on will be definitely rocky. Guess what, though. I'm going for sushi in about 16 hours! Woohoo! I love it lol, and so healthy. Sticking to the healthy food these days, ya know.

Hope you had a lovely hump day, my dears. I'll talk with yous tomorrow <3

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  1. arrrgggh! men are really MEN. oh jamie i think you already know what to do.. i've had that kind of pseudo relationships before and to tell you honestly, it was really fun, to connect with another guy who almost has everything i'm searching (drooling) for in a guy, the chemistry was there, only thing is he had a girlfriend! i was ok with it because i thought i didn't want something serious bec i just got my off from a relationship then and was mending..things were complicated with the guy and the gf and he was gonna break up with the gf..he did though.. but well.. in the end i was really hurt to the core. :(