Monday, January 17, 2011

Paging Dr. Drake

The worst thing a person can try to do is self-diagnose themselves.  Google has become the enemy in that way. You have a cold, a suddenly you think you have meningitis. Your leg feels a little tingly, and suddenly you have a blood clot. Or you have been feeling down in the dumps lately, but this morning you've been feeling alright, Google tells you that you have bipolar disorder.

Google really isn't to blame. It's our paranoid self. We look for something that ceases our worries. We want to believe what we find is true. Am I the only one that does that? The only one that tries to self-diagnose through search engines and medical websites? I take one small symptom, like a scratchy throat, and turn it into full blown gonorrhea.  And if I've gotten gonorrhea, who's to say that I haven't contracted AIDS? An hour later and I'm wondering if anyone will give a eulogy at my funeral. Thoughts are like children running with pinwheels. They are bursting with energy themselves, but then there's even the more inner workings. Conjuring up more misfortunes and doubt. I'll figure this out someday when I'm a psychologist.

But back to my point, and I made this point in my last point. We like to channel our emotions somewhere. It's uncomfortable for us to just leave lingering worries and frustrations out in the open, we feel the need to pinpoint them somewhere. This is probably not everyone though, some people are complacent enough to say 'Ah, well, who cares, I'll figure this out eventually.' If your like me, we are paranoid. It's weird, I'm laid back and paranoid. Calm and crazy haha.

Do you guys ever do this? It's a downfall of mine, I'm always trying to figure out what's wrong. I feel like I'm being a downer, we need some positive posts right? This is for encouragement for anxiety, so guys, we got this. Even when things are down, we got this. Success in numbers, we're not alone, you're not alone. Such a banality, but I can't deny the empowerment behind it. Words are just that - words. But sometimes the sounding and putting together creates such an emotion. It's like how some people command their dogs using the German language - because it's more forceful. That's how some phrases are. 'We Got This' is one of my favorites, or when I'm alone 'I got this.' It's confidence.

Have a good Monday, were supposed to get a lot of ice and freezing rain here, so HOPEFULLY classes are canceled. I'm still in the process of figuring out my schedule lol, a trial that will never end I feel. Talk to you's tomorrow :) xoxo Jamie.


  1. I've learned to just avoid Google whenever I'm feeling icky. Actually, its' more because the one time I was looking for a big diagnosis, it was spot on correct, and I'm now afraid that that could happen again. :p

  2. I have also learned to avoid Google because before I know it, that stomach ache turns into some god awful terminal illness and it just rockets up the anxiety. We are getting that weather here tomorrow.

  3. You don't even need Google when you have my mother. Seriously. I have taken to not telling her anything when I am not feeling well, because she is the worst case scenario generator. You don't even get the "maybe it's just a cold" options, nope, if you've had that cough for longer than three days, you almost CERTAINLY have lung cancer.

  4. I never try to diagnose myself. My theory is if I keep denying that I'm actually sick it will just go away. I absolutely hate being sick. It's the worst.

    My friends all laugh because every time I'm frustrated and can't do something I say "I got this." I've found that it can be really motivating at times. Just stop, take a breather, and look it all over again.

  5. Ah self diagnosing is the worst thing you can do, but I am so guilty of doing it. I wont call myself "ednos" "anorexic" "bipolar" "schizoid" out loud but I have definitely thought to myself at many times in my life I was one of those things, or all. Google is helpful, but also dangerous!

    "I got this"-I like that:)
    Hope you get your schedule figured out! Today was my first day back to class& was SO long!