Monday, January 24, 2011

Anchors Away.

Whenever I'm stressed, or I need to think about a decision, I have to go to a wide, open space.  I can't think in my room or talk it out with someone.  I like to drive as high up as I can.  As far up on top of the mountains here in Pennsylvania as the roads can permit. I find something so calming, so inspiring about it. I feel as if everything's at peace, even for just a moment. What do you do when you need time to think?

I wanted to write, I've been feeling rather paralyzed lately. Whenever there is something unpleasant that crosses my mind, my whole body freezes up. I can't get through my own wall.  And usually, I'd welcome this, but I can't block out everything. We all know what happens when we do that. 

So enough of trying to be stressed out, let's talk about lighter subjects. I think I really want to get a hip dermal (piercing of your skin by the hips). Did anyone ever get that done? I've been looking up pictures of it, and I know someone at school who got it done. It looks hot. I've been itching to get another piercing, but I don't really want them anywhere that they can be seen like on my head. So no more ears, and I'm not the type to have anything on the face. So hip seems pretty stealth right now. Thoughts?
Also I've become obsessed with skins on mtv. Everyone I know, however, says that it either sucks or is too racy. Too racy? Are you kidding me? You can access anything you want on the internet, and really it's just people using tongue. No nudity, of course sex is implied, but when isn't it? It's unlike any show I've ever seen, and it's refreshing. How pissed are you when Gossip Girl is on and they only show the first quarter of a scene, and the rest they just talk about. Skins gives you that extra other scenes that you don't get to see anywhere else. No inhibitions. Love it. Thoughts?

Loves, I'll talk to yous tomorrow. I haven't written in almost a week, and again I was just stressed out. I'm weird, when I'm stressed, I get pissed. So this pissed me off, too. I piss me off lol is more like it. <3 Sweet dreams.


  1. haha i feel the same way when I'm stressed out.

  2. I always thought the hip piercings were really cool, but I would be worried about it getting caught on pants, skirts, tights, etc.

    I want to get a cleavage piercing when I get back to Canada.

    I haven't seen skins, yet! Maybe I'll watch it tonight.

  3. I haven't seen Skins, but I appreciate their willingness to push boundaries. I think it's important and I'm always annoyed by people who want to censor.

  4. I live near a conservation area. It has tons of trails to walk on, so I usually just load my dogs in my car and hike. There's something about nature that's just calming.

    At first I thought I hadn't Skins. I was all "This show is so dumb!" and "No one's life is actually like that!" Which isn't true, I'm sure there are plenty of people like that. Just not where I'm from. But now I love it. I almost died when Tea and Tony made out last episode.

  5. Surface piercings are pretty cool but I'd be too worried about catching it on something!

  6. I love going to my waterfront to think. There's just something about water that's so relaxing. Plus I have the view of the Hudson River and NYC so I rarely need an excuse to wander there.

  7. it's true. i feel the same way too when I'm stressed.

  8. a hip dermal sounds great. you should get it! summer is ramping up where i am, i'm thinking of getting a belly button piercing. yep it's over-rated but i don't really do what you wanna do girl!