Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh, You're Making Me Blush!

In my one psychology class today, we had to do a brief introduction of ourselves - hometown, what we did over the break, and something interesting about ourselves.  And as I told my interesting thing about myself, I blushed.  I don't usually blush often, but today I literally felt it on my face. It felt hot, and it wasn't that because I was embarassed (I don't think) it was because I made others laugh, and it made me feel modest. Only a theory though, thus begins my research on blushing!

By the way, the interesting thing I told everyone was that I long to be a foot model (not those sexual fetish ones, ew, but like for sandals, lotion, etc) or a hand model.  I even began to research agencies, and took some pictures. It seems like a great back-up plan if psychology doesn't work out, and they do bring in the money haha. However, most agencies want long fingers and feet. And me, a whopping 5 foot young lady, only has a size 5 foot and a size 4 ring. But I'm not discouraged yet, I have nice feet, I'd like to think lol.

But onto the blushing! As you probably know already from experience, you can't control blushing. If we could, then it probably wouldn't exist. If you've ever read the Twilight series, you would know that the character Bella always blushing, but her sexii vampire, Edward, thinks it's attractive. I agree with Edward, it's a cute little gesture. But it gives you away sometimes, like if your telling a lie. But blushing is a whole lot more than just the blood rushing to your cheeks, it's a social cue.

It has been shown that in a situation when a person blushes, it turns the whole situation around.  People tend to pick up on the person's blushing, and become more empathetic and calmer in response.  It sends out the message that the bashful person cares about what's going on in a situation, and people subconsciously respect that.  Let me throw out a situation: Sally accidentially broke Jill's curling iron. As Sally was telling Jill about the incident, she blushed. This registers in Jills mind, and Jill could see that Sally truly cared about injuring her things.  It's a physiological notion of caring. Judgement changes, it shows you care about the interaction and about the other person. A blush without any words says a million.

"When a girl ceases to blush, she has lost the most powerful charm of her beauty" - St. Gregory the Great. 

I agree with that quote, it is charming. And I'm not quite sure who St. Gregory the Great was, but he was a saint and was 'Great', so we'll take his word for it. And if your sometimes socially anxious, I can relate in saying that blushing isn't always comfortable. But let's change all that. Blushing is beautiful. Why do you think us women apply blush to our cheeks? It's just one less job to do! So if you're the kind of person that reddens at the cheeks, you are wonderful! Blush on! Don't hide your face, let it glow!

So bloggies, what makes you blush?

Now I'm heading over to my guy friends to watch the national championship of something. Not too sure who's playing and whatnot, I've never been into football much. Unless it's Penn State. I will talk to yous tomorrow :) Happy Monday!


  1. I tend to blush a lot. Mostly when I'm talking to people because I'm kind of a shy person at first. Or if I'm talking to someone I have a crush on.

  2. Oh cute. I actually don't think I blush.. I kind of wish I would. My heart definitely pounds rapidly when I get nervous!! But I know exactly what you are talking about with Twilight. I think it's cute :)

  3. I have to say I get all warm and gooey when I see a woman I like blush. One of the sexiest things ever and I have no idea why.

  4. I usually blush when I'm talking in front of a lot of people because I'm pretty shy when it comes to being around a large group of people I don't know or don't usually talk to. I also blush and look away when I catch a cute guy glancing at me; I wish I wouldn't since that's a potential future boyfriend lol just kidding, but then again you never know! btw thanks for following my blog, I'm now following you back (: