Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drench Yourself In Words Unspoken

Hi there. My name is Jamie and I am socially awkward, but once you get to know me, I can really open up and be a lot of fun.

This is what I would say if I met someone new who could be a potential friend.  I wish I could just walk up to someone and say this, I feel like it'd be such an honest thing to say.  I get intimidated by new people (sometimes, only. other times I can be fast forward like your DVD player! But for situational purposes, I'm going to use when I feel shy) so easily sometimes, so I feel like if I said this, it'd just bare my true feelings for all to see. Just for one day, I wish that all inhibitions could be let go. I wish as soon as you'd talk to someone, both of person's honest opinions just flew right out of their mouth. Think of all the things that could be said if nothing held you back, if there were no secrets. Just honest ramblings.

Don't you just wish you could be brutally honest with the people in your life?  Be able to tell them what you honestly think, but there would be a catch. There'd be no hard feelings. I know, I know, impossible right? But just think of the possibilities. What things have you been holding back that you'd really just want to say to people.

These all don't have to necessarily bad things.  Although, they are the most things we tend to conceal.  There the things we want to get off our chest. I'm going to make you all do an exercise now, ten push ups! (oh Jamie, you are SO not funny, please stop with the jokes) A little exercise, pick 3 people you want to say something too, and write what you would say.

1) I would say this to one of my best friends - I know you found love, and I'm so glad you're happy. But I freaking miss you. You dropped off the face of the earth, and seem to not care. I chat with you when i see you, but we haven't talked to eachother, really talked in weeks. Where did my best friend go? Do you not care?

2) Mother - Sometimes you have to encourage me instead of saying to me, 'maybe you shouldn't do this' or 'that sucks you have to do that'. I wish you would've pushed me more when I was younger. Where's the motivation your supposed to give to me when I talk to you? Do you not believe in me? Don't you want to see me follow my dreams?

3) Boy who sit's behind me in my music class - Hey, sir. I've been stealing glances at you for the whole semester now.  You are sexy and I want to jump your bones when you walk past me to your seat. Let's chill sometime.

Usually I don't have a hard time talking to boys, I actually find them much more easier to talk to than girls.  I don't know why that is. I think because I feel like girls are always judging you, always looking for impressions given off. Guys are so easy going and just don't care half of the time.

So, tell me bloggies, What would you say to someone if you could be brutally honest?

I was in the middle of my flashcards for my psych final tomorrow when I was just thinking about all this honesty. It basically stemmed from what I said in the beginning, how I just wish when you met someone new that you could just tell them, almost make them understand you better just from the first words you said. How much easier that could be, how easy could it break the ice. For someone like me, anyway. Other people just have that charisma I guess. I should take a charisma class. I wonder if they even exist.

I'm in a peculiar mood right now too. It feels like a longing, for what, I don't know (do I ever know? no.) I can attribute this mood to a couple of things though. The first being I watched 'My Sister's Keeper' which is pretty much the saddest movie of all time. Have you ever seen it? It's about a girl dying from cancer, and her sister who uses her blood and organs and such to help keep her alive.  I cried through the whole thing.  Especially the beach scene with the family (cry, cry) Kids with cancer are so brave.

I can also attribute it too I'M JUST SO SICK OF STUDYING. Thanksgiving break is a giant tease. I had a whole week off, and ever since I just can't get back into the grind. I'm so checked out. I need some wine over here.

Well, time to get back to studying.  I'm learning right now about elderly in the lifespan, and right now making a flash card on 'death as viewed by an older adult'. Are you freaking kidding me? As if exams could get any more depressing. And now would be a good time to insert the gratitude journal > 1) Praying 2) Pens that write nice 3) Christmas songs. Do you know what's a great one? 'Something About Christmas Time' - by Bryan Adams. So true, dl (download. why did I even insert an acronym if I was going to tell you anyway haha?)  Deuces! :) Jamiee <3


  1. Well tbh I was brutally honest, for a long time and people thought i was a freak. I'd tell them I was honest, blunt, a bit of a weird. People made me anxious, i don't like most girls. (I was sexually assulted and my dad got murdered.) - Something new i would add.

    There is a movie called 'The Invention Of Lying' and everyone says the exact truth, like 'oh sorry i was just masturbating' Kinda thing.

  2. Great post!! There's currently one thing I haven't been able to be honest about... and that is the fact that my friends fiance is no good. I usually just smile and play nice. But I cannot stand him, and how he treats her, and shes too busy making excuses for him. :(

  3. I loved this post! I've actually pondered over this before. I used to have very bad social anxiety and knew sometimes when I met people I could have been great friends with them, but I was so awkward they just thought I was weird.

    If everyone could just be honest when first meeting and let things just be said I feel like life would be so much easier. ^Smallasapanda mentioned the movie "The Invention Of Lying"... such a funny movie!!! You should check it out.

    If I had to say something to someone brutally honest I'd probably ask the guy I'm talking to if he ever thinks he could really date me, or if I'm just a Christmas break fling.

    Also, I'm entering finals week...Thanksgiving break is a tease!! Not much longer & we get a long break:) hang in there!

  4. To be honest, mine would be the same as your first one. I feel bad saying something because she's so happy and it is her first real relationship, but we've gone from hanging out everyone other week to almost never. In fact, we haven't seen each other outside of school since late October. I mean, yeah, I have a boyfriend too, but I am always at home. I have time for her.

  5. Love this post! I'm always shy when I first meet people, and once I get to know them I never shut up. I've always wished I could just open up to people at the drop of a hat.. and talk to a wall! haha
    good luck on your finals!

  6. Great insight. You know I actually really started working on being myself and letting people know how I feel. It's actually made things a lot easier and my relationships in life have improved. People appreciate honesty and they also appreciate you for being you and me for being me. It's a pretty awesome feeling to know that. Although that's true, we all know there will still be those situations where we aren't completely honest or we keep something inside.

    Anyway side note, I feel you on the finals. Let's rock those tests and get this week over with already!!!

  7. my god Jaime i think i just found a soul sister in you! i'm not even reading this post word for word yet i have a gut feeling that we have a lot of common, i guess we are in the same boat in some aspects of our lives...

    promise i'll be devouring your posts in the following days. i'll sit down and get to know you through your words.

    and i'm following you too! so nice to meet you!:)

  8. love this! very encouraging. and i'm also so sick of studying. :( press on, sista, press on!

  9. Thank you ladies :) Love you all <3. I appreciate everything. I'll really have to check out that movie some of you mentioned - it sounds like my dream lol. We should all make a pact to do that.