Thursday, December 16, 2010

Whenever I want you, All I have to do, is Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam

So I had a dream last night.  I was laying on my back, looking up into the sky and there were all these eagles flying around.  It was beautiful; the sky was bright blue and I could literally feel the sunlight on me (literally, I woke up sweating).  It was so peaceful. Although I couldn't figure out WHY I had such a dream.

I usually hate going to bed, I always have either really depressing dreams or flat out nightmares.  In all of them the sky is either dark or it's cloudy and raining, and most of the time there's some chaos going on.  And in a lot of them, I'm stumbling around like I'm so weak or I'm drunk in a way but not from like drinking.  It's like I can't breathe.  For example, the other night there was going to be a snowstorm that killed everyone AND a bacterial infection that was also killing everyone so I tried to escape by driving but then I hit someone and they died.  So much drama.  And I always try to wake myself up from dreams usually by slapping myself in the face.  But did you ever have one of those dreams where like you realize it's a dream and then you 'wake-up' but your still in the dream? It's frustrating, that happens a lot too.  So you can see why dreaming isn't a pleasant experience.  I attribute most of these dreams to stress and indecisiveness and just from being discouraged.

If you couldn't tell already, I'm really big into dreams.  I believe they are the key to our subconscious.  I believe all dreams mean something, no matter what.  They say something about what's going on inside us.  What you face in you're real life, your subconscious has to deal with.  In dealing with it, it is reflected in our dream state.  Some people view it as an escape from the real world, but I believe some things are spelled out BIGGER in our dreams then in our real life.  We don't know how what our subconscious thoughts are in real life, but in our dreams, they're symbolized with weird scenarios and symbols.

So when I had such a pleasant dream with the beautiful sky and eagles, it really threw me for one.  I looked up the symbols, and it said the eagles represent courage and self-renewal - but also a struggle to find out my greatest desires (how true is that, look at the last blog I wrote - freakkyyy).  And then the sky symbolized hope and possibilities.  The sun represented enlightenment, fortune, and insight.  Now granted there were so many other symbols, these stuck out the most.  It just boggles my mind - yesterday I was freaking out about the future and then a good dream (I was anticipating me being on the freaking Titanic while it was sinking last night).

And yeah, maybe that's all it is, just a dream, just an escape.  But I'll take the other road.  I pray every night that God will help me realize what's going on and what I should do.  While this didn't give me much of a clue (I always look for signs everywhere lol, it's pathetic. If I'm thinking about what I'm supposed to do with my life and I pass like a bakery, I'm like OH I SHOULD BE A BAKER.  Haha, but no, psychology is where my heart is), it did give me some peace of my.  I just gotta have faith, faith in God and faith in myself.  "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything." I know, I know, maybe I look into this stuff way too much, but that's the kind of person I am.  I'm into psychology so much, and the whole zen thing.  I try to zen before every exam that I take. That means I close my eyes and try to forget everything I studied - like my mind is a blank notebook.  And then when I take the test, just let the answers come to me (well, I try. It doesn't always work haha).

Is that quote I wrote up there even relevant? I think lol, I'm pretty sure.  My question for yous is What did you dream last night?  If you comment below, I'll be sure to reply with what the symbols mean, and try to analyze as best as I can (adventures in dreaming with amateur in the making psychologist, Dr. Jamie).  Also I noticed I wrote 'yous'.  Does anyone else use that term for a group of people? I think it might be a Pennsylvania thing.  I also say 'warsh' instead of 'wash'.  I always get teased for it because none of my friends say it, only my family and relatives. I think that's like a farm thing haha, it's so bad I even say 'Warshington' and I even spell it that way when I'm writing it down, embarrassing.  What are you're slang terms?

So that's it.  I was going to post last night but I fell asleep earlier then I planned, around 2 a.m. I'm usually up til like 4, but I was just oh so tired.  I stayed up til 5 the night before studying and distractions and what not.  I will talk to you's tomorrow :).  Happy dreaming, - Jamie <3


  1. I love this post... I'm always looking up what my dreams mean and trying to figure them out. I have bad nightmares sometimes too, and I hate it when it's those dreams where you feel like you're moving slow! Makes it so much scarier! But I'm very glad to hear you got a break and had a nice one :)

    and thanks for the comment! Ellen does just make life better :) I'm following your blog now, too! Happy Thursday!

  2. Ah I'm so into psychology & the subconscious/unconscious.. who was it Freud? Who believed deeply in the sub/unconscious.
    Anyways, your dream sounds amazing:) I never try to analyze mine though. I always forget mine shortly after waking up.

    Last night I don't remember my dream. Next time I dream though I'm coming to you & asking for you to analyze it for me! haha

    Sounds like through your dream you have more good times coming than bad times:)

    Also your accent/or the way you speak is sooo funny!!! I am from tennessee and I say things weird like that sometimes like "Riiiiight" exaggerate the I.

  3. I will let you know my dreams as well. I have a hard time remembering. This is a very interesting post. But I like it.

    Regarding the way we talk. I am from Oklahoma... so I say "y'all" "fixin' to" (ugh, I am ashamed to admit that one) "whatcha" and so many more along with my southern draw... hehe.

    ps. thanks for the follow... I am looking forward to reading your blog!! :)

  4. Sad to say, but i don't dream as much as i did anymore. I don't know why. I think it's cause i'm always tied so i sleep pretty deep everynight. It really makes me mad. I like dreaming especially when my dream involves something cute any funny. But when i do dream about something, i make sure to look it up in the dream dictionary. :D

    I am now your newest follower. :)