Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ello Govenah! Lovelay Day!

Ello, Lovelies.  Ello Govenah, lovely day, lovely day.  Does anyone remember that America's Top Model Episode where they had to talk in that accent and say those things? It's one of my favorites haha.  I miss that show, I haven't seen it in years and I used to be a devoted follower.  Guess I've lost the motivation...

So speaking of motivation (how is that for a transition?), what get's you motivated? I was thinking of this motivation stuff when I was sitting here, knowing I have to write this research paper that is due on Wednesday.  But I just can't seem to get the motivation to do so. 

"The greatest motivation is doing something others say you can't."

I got this in a fortune cookie once about 4 years ago. (Since then I believe fortune cookies have gone downhill. The other day I got one that said 'This cookie tells your fortune' and that was it.  Well no shit it's a fortune cookie, but what is the fortune?!? That's not a freaking fortune, that's stating the obvious.  And did anyone notice that a lot of fortune cookies have changed their flavor to VANILLA? Ick)  But I believe that particular fortune to be true.  Whenever someone tells me that I can't do something, I feel like a fire ignites in my soul.  It's like every ounce of my being wants to prove that person wrong, and wants to succeed.  And so far, for me it has worked.  I guess maybe it's because I'm a proud person and I hate anyone thinking that I'm weak or unqualified.  I want to be strong and very, very capable.  I love that though.  I love proving someone wrong.  I always keep this fortune in mind whenever doing something new and someone doesn't approve.  I perform my best this way.  Also another great motivator for me is when I have an audience.  I enjoyed this aspect of sports for this reason.  I loved having an audience to watch me.  I love giving others something to think about.

Another great motivator to push yourself is ex-boyfriends.  They are one of the best.  Back in soccer season, I had just broken up with my boyfriend about a month before.  He shows up to one of my games, only because he started hanging out with this other girl on my team (harsh, right?)  I was so pissed, but so ready to show him up.  I played my heart out in that game, and almost took some girls down in the process. But it felt good, it's good to get those feelings out.  And ladies, I'm sure you can all relate.  When you see an ex out in public and your with your friends, you try to stand out.  You laugh a little extra, and maybe apply that lipgloss on.  Even flirt with some other boys that are around, putting yourself out there.  For some reason, we get confidence from this.  We are proud women, and for this I applaud us. Sometimes we need a good kick in our gut to get us going again.  And as we all know, we grow stronger from our past mistakes.  It makes us smarter and wiser.

The problem I'm having right now however is creating motivation for myself.  It's easier when it's in spite or when a concrete goal is in front of us.  For example, when you have to pass a test to pass the class.  Or when you only have one chance to get a boy's attention.  It's a quick goal.  But right now, this research paper is just part of my grade, and my other grades are pretty good.  I just need to force this out of me.  Any idea on self motivators, ladies?

So the question of the day I ask you's is What is your motivator? What get's you going when you're in a sluggish mood? Let's swap :).

Also in continuing with this Gratitude diary, time for my 3 entries. (if your just tuning in, a gratitude diary is where you post 3 things your thankful for/made you smile a day. it's supposed to make you feel better in the long run according to my therapist). You should post them in the comments or on your own blogs, try it out suckas!

1) Little Entertaining Children in Church - I was in church today and there was this little girl infront of me who was so cute and kept licking her cheerios off the pews.  I was paying attention, but she got a little chuckle out of me.

2) Nice Video Cameras - I had to do this video on teenage depression and awareness for this one organization I'm apart of.  And I finally found my nice video camera to film it on instead of my crap quality digital camera.  The quality was so perrrrtyyy.

3) Omar - This one kid in class who helped me with my sociology presentation for tomorrow.  He was just so friendly and polite.  Do you ever have those day's when you're on your period and just someone saying "Have a nice day" makes you cry? I just want to hug them and say, "No. YOU HAVE A NICE DAY I LOVE YOU!" Haha but seriously, politeness goes a longgg way:)

So now I'm going to work more on this presentation.  Happy Sunday night loveys. Talk to you  tomorrow, Jamie-amie-ameo.


  1. Haha love the positive post! But i can totally relate about ex boyfriends being motivation. You want to be totally hot and with a sexy new boyfriend just so you can show them you were worth it and they lost it! I love the gratitude diary! It seems like such a good thing to do.

  2. You should try the gratitude journal :) just post it on your blog. It actually does make you feel better overtime being thankful! thanks for commenting!

  3. The boyfriend thing? I can totally relate.

    After a big fight with my ex, I was going to see him for the first time in months when I went to mass at the same time as him.

    Before I left, my mom called me in her room to give me some advice. The only thing she said? "You need to look really hot."

    Of course. Haha.

  4. "The greatest motivation is doing something others say you can't."

    I live by this!