Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh For Realzies!

Have you ever felt like there was a fog in front of your eyes? Not like a literal fog, but like a haziness? That's what I've been feeling all day so far.  And I can't seem to shake it (literally, I've been shaking my head all day trying to retrieve my focus).  It's kind of like when you've been woken up from a dream, and you're not quite all together yet.  I've been feeling this way ever since I've gotten back from Florida.  I think it may be the sleeping pills I took.  I'm short, so I probably should of only consumed 1 - but let's get real, when you want something to knock you out, always double it.

Anyway, how was your day?  I mean it wholeheartedly (on another note really quick, did you know that kindheartedly, halfheartedly, and even downheartedly are all words? Lots of heartedniss going around in this hizzhouse.  What does downheartedly even mean haha?), but I have to say, that is my go to question.  Whenever I can't think of anything to say in a conversation, or when a rant ends suddenly, I just randomly blurt out "So how is your day?" or "How are you?"  I've found that people love to talk about themselves (myself included, I mean I have a blog helllllooo?).  As much as we all don't like to admit it, we all love to be the center of attention sometimes.  To have people hanging on our every word.  Only in the right circumstances though.  Like sometimes when I'm the one asking the question, I don't want them to say a quick "Ah same old. How are you?".  I sincerely want to know about that person, or that or I'm feeling awkward (i didn't know awkward was spelled that way until it came up on spell check. now i'm feeling a little awkward myself when I think how many times I've actually texted or messaged someone saying 'akward') and compelled to ask that mundane question (and don't lie, you do it too.) 

Most of the time though, I like to see people who are touched by the question, and who share.  It's nice to see the looks on their faces when they confide in you. It feels like trust.

But then there's other times when I ask someone that question so it can be automatically reverted back to me.  This is only in circumstances when I have something exciting to say or share.  The funny thing is that whenever I seem to ask that question in hopes of them returning it, it never goes that way.  They'll just be like oh I have soooo much homework and I have this test blah blah blah.  And then they've gone into a tizzy about their own lives and by the time their done talking they've just basked in their own self-pity that they forget who their talking to.  (I won't lie, I'm guilty of that also haha).  So then I don't get to share the exciting news, because I feel guilty being happy when they're down. Know what I mean?

But for realzies (oh wow, Jamie don't say realzies ever again) How Are You? I mean it sincerely. Share it with my in the comments if you so desire.

Okay so another thing I'm going to try out is this positivity little exercise, and I encourage all 17 of you to do the same (WOOHOO 17! Although maybe 2 of you are still reading at this point haha).  The exercise is to name 3 positive things or things you are thankful for from your day today. So you can post yours below or try it out for size on your own blog.  So here goes mine:

1) I burned 300 calories today on the elliptical. NICE! I hardly ever exercise.  But I want to lose this little baby fat I have.  I didn't think I'd make it, I actually even banged my head against the damn thing after only 45 calories haha.  So I'm thankful for that, for the motivation that kept me going.

2) Victoria. This one girl in my speech class who just cracks me up.  She did this impromptu on how beauty is not skin-deep and more people have to wear make-up. It was so terrible haha but she did it so sarcastically, it was hilarious.

3) My guy friend named David.  We have speech together, and he was in a really good mood and kept making me chuckle.  And were texting right now, kind of playful flirting.  Wanna hear my really good line I just used. OF COURSE YOU DO! I was telling him how I was a small fish in a little pond, and he goes 'well I think you're the catch for me ;)" and then I go (wait for it, it's epic) 'Reel me in!' Clever Jamie, Clever.

Were just friends though, have been for like 7 years.  Were always playful as such. 

So it's probably a good idea for me to get to bed now, this brain fog is honestly making me dizzy.  Hopeful I'll have clear skies (ha ha) again by tomorrow. I have to wake up in like 5 hours anyone to shower and all for my 8 am.  Sweet dreams bloggies!!

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