Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just give it a Vaccine!

Merry Day after Christmas Bloggies! I hope Santa was good to all of you, he came through for me. I got a new camera :), oh it's the most amazing thing ever. It's a canon something (I'm really not tech/name savvy), but my dad also got me 2 different lenses for it.  So I can zoom and contrast and all that fun stuff. Although I haven't figured everything out, I've still been taking pictures all day. I feel like a Japanese tourist in my own home.  I probably took 800 shots of just my kitchen. There's just so much to be photoed. And my poor little dog Jasper, he probably didn't appreciate me putting him in a scarf and forcing him to sit in front of the Christmas tree.

Also I'm pretty sure my computer has a virus. All these little spyware threat things keep popping up everywhere. I should've gotten a Mac when I was picking out my laptop. My friends who have them say that it's impossibly for them to catch a computer virus. I wonder how that is, if that were possible, why didn't they just make EVERY computer like that. OH Maybe they should give laptops like a vaccine, where they shoot whatever information into the computer that prevents viruses. Wow I am so smart. Wait, they do do that already, they have those anti-virus things. Okay, sorry haha I just kept going until I realized this info, ignore previous rant but CLEVERNESS might I add. They should call anti-virus programs vaccines. Someone market that.

I should have paid money for those vaccines though, what with all the porn I look at (kidding).  I think I got the virus from all these video programs that I've been downloading that convert mp3 videos into mp4s for all the porn that I film (kidding again, I am on a roll today).  But no seriously I made this video for a depression awareness foundation and they want me to upload it as an mp4. So me, being the smart little scholar that I am, decide to download about 5 different FREE converter programs. Great idea Jamie! Like what did I expect haha, seriously. Luckily if this laptop goes, I have my old one still kicking.

Anyway, back to Christmas. I was thinking in the shower today (what is it about the shower that gets your brain going?) about how great it would be if EVERYDAY was either Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Not literally, but just the atmosphere of them. Like for example, if we treated tomorrow like Christmas Eve - then everyone would be in great moods anticipating the coming of Tuesday.  Everyone would be so excited for Tuesday, because Tuesday would be treated like Christmas. If we treated every two days like this, it'd be constant happiness. The anticipation and then the ACTUAL day. But the beauty of it would be that the days are just normal days.  It's like getting excited for class the next day and then celebrate going to class. Maybe we should add New Years Eve in there, too. Just so we could toast something every third night and take some shots.

Unfortunately, everyday cannot be like this.  But on the plus side, Christmas week still continues! I watched Home Alone 2 today, and it is the funniest movie of all time. I laughed so much (Suck brick kid!) , and even almost shed a tear at the end (oh that Christmas tree scene). And at the end of this week is New Years <3 So something to look forward to!

So again, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day:) Let the fun continue! I will talk to yous tomorrow - Holly Jolly Jamie ;)


  1. aw i'm sorry about your lappy! And I was thinking the same thing earlier, that I wish everyday was like the holidays. Everyone is always nicer around this time ;) Glad you had a good Christmas! Congrats on the new camera!

  2. if everyone treated each day like the eve of Christmas that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excuse the excess excitement letters. I'm reading your blog drunk but its still awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. Ahh a new camera?! I'm jealous! :)

    You should have definitely gotten a Mac! They are the best. I've had mine for about 4-5 years and I've never had a virus, never had one single problem with the computer actually! Hope you can get rid of your virus though, I'd run a few of the 'vaccines' on it & maybe it'll clear everything up. :p

    I WISH everyday could be Christmas Eve/Christmas. But guess if it was then the real Christmas wouldn't be that exciting when it finally came lol Home Alone 2 & any Christmas movie is amazing! :D

  4. Great post! i love reading it..
    Happy belated Christmas..:D


  5. sounds like you had a great Christmas (minus the virus- yuk!) love home alon - best christmas ever. so glad you're a new follower!

    PS - i LOVE the name of your blog - too cute!